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About Us

We are group of people united in helping and assisting those in need as many of us went through a lot in lives and our passion and availability to serve communities is what keep us going. We know what is being homeless as some of us are from Bosnia and during war in Bosnia we experienced hunger, homelessness, abuse and  hopelessness then when we came to USA we realized that it is time to give back and help.

This is 100% volunteer run organization and we welcome all those that share same passion to help and give .We believe that helping others we help ourselves  gain that inner piece and  happiness and it is amazing feeling when you receive hug or just God bless you from someone you helped. 

Goal And Objective

Our goal is to improve lives of those that are underprivileged, have low income, are abused or left behind by assisting,  providing, and helping them with food, hygiene kits, bare necessities, and referrals to other agencies.

Our Moto


Our vision is to be the most creative organization in the world in serving helping assisting and most of all improving lives of underprivileged unhoused abused and low income brothers and sisters of all color race and religion.




Our mission is to create a lasting solution to hunger, injustice and poverty. We want to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities by ending poverty and hunger in these communities. Our mission is to empower single mothers and all females who are domestic violences or sex trafficking victims through education and financing help to become successful entrepreneurs.  


HOW?  we will raise money, have community engagement, research, workshops, partnering with other organization, and creating a friendly and passionate circle of endless opportunities and assistance without discrimination.


2022  We Distributed 

2000 boxes of food 

1 ton of meat    (zabiha halal)                 3000 hot meals to homeless

1 ton of rice and flour 

600 bottles of oil 

500 pounds of salt and sugar 

600 bags of pasta , spices 

1000 snack boxes and bags 

1000 detergent bottles for laundry 

1000 shampoos , soaps 

600 boxes ( 12 pack each) toilet paper 

1 ton of fruits and vegetables 

700 gallon's of milk 

200 turkies 

400 jackets and 200 blankets 

2023  We Distributed 

we distributed 5500 boxes of food          7000 hot meals to homeless , senior and migrants 

2 tons of meat (zabiha halal)

4500 bottles of oil

3000 pounds of salt and sugar 

4500 bags of rice 

3000 snack bags and boxes 

3000 bags of pasta 

2 tons of flour

2000 laundry detergents

3000 shampoos 

1300 boxes of toilet(12 packs in each box one pack 6 pieces)

400 turkies (zabiha halal) ZAKAT CHICAGO  

800 jackets (winter kits ) ZAKAT CHICAGO 

2000 underwaer, 2000 tshirts summer clothes pieces 

4000 towels, 5000 linens, 2000 comforters , 1000 robes 

1000 shoes ( new and used )

2 tons of fruits and vegetables 

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